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Yoga, Mantra, Meditation and Healing Retreat with Antarma and Guests
South Goa, India 17–23 March 2020


Tap into your inner peace, align your mind, rediscover your soul and transform your body with Yoga, Meditation, Mantra and Healing


We welcome you to a transformative retreat led by the multi-talented Antarma with mantra and meditation, yoga with Benji, healing and integration with Runa.

The retreat intricately weaves sacred, traditional and contemporary practices together to guide you into the qualities of your own inner peace and to help you to rejuvenate and rediscover your true essence – which often gets lost in our modern way of life.

Our three facilitators will masterfully guide you using a combination of group and individual processes for you to receive the transformative benefits of the retreat and optimise the potential of who you are, whilst also revitalising you with live music and dance.

The retreat is set in the abundance of natural beauty and in seclusion of the Little Cove Yoga Retreat in the south coast of Goa, renowned as a world-class yoga destination. A breathtaking beach front resort set in magnificent natural beauty, under palm trees and overlooking the majestic Arabian seas. A sanctuary to reconnect with your own true nature and realign yourself with nature itself.

  • YOGA
  • Healing

The Retreat


In the day, on waking up in this stunning location, you will be served tea or coffee brought to your beach cottage by one of the lovely retreat staff, closely followed by a blissful sunrise meditation in the open Yoga Shala overlooking the emerald sea and palm trees. Moving through beautiful sequencing and creative namaskars, you will explore Shakti inspired Elemental Vinyasa. These soulful practices create a sense of connection, openness and vibrancy, leaving you feeling lovingly uplifted and alive. In the afternoons, you will surrender to a more restorative, yin practices, meditation, sound baths and yoga nidra, allowing your being to rest, renew and rejuvenate.

In the late afternoons and evenings, you will experience live performance of Indian mantra, mudra and kirtan by Antarma. Antarma will share ancient Sanskrit shlokas and original lyrics accompanied by the guitar, harmonium and drums.

In between sessions, and during sessions (if you choose), you can book one-to-one therapeutic healing sessions with our expert Runa to optimise your transformational process by helping you to understand, process, integrate and move through the things that will be coming up for you. She will also be offering shamanic energetic cleansing to clear you of the releases, build up and stagnant energies so that you can get the most out of the retreat. These one-on-one sessions are at an additional cost.

Our own amazing chefs, at hand to cook up high vibrational organic vegetarian food, nourishing your body whilst also being kind to the earth. That which is good for the body, the environment and the animals is good for the soul.

In your free time, relax on the beach, have a swim, take scenic walks around the locality to take in the surroundings and discover Agonda’s local restaurants and bars, should you want a change from retreat. Agonda also has a magical street market (day and night) where you can find everything you need from beautiful indian ornaments, precious stones, cashmere throws, Ganesha and Shiva statues in all shapes and sizes. There are also ayurvedic massage parlours in abundance for your pleasure.

We are blessed to retreat together in this unique private beach yoga setting.




Antarma leads Mantra and Meditation sessions with blessings of his Guru in India. His journey started 18 years ago at age 13, when he started to practice mantra yoga and meditation. Over the years he has been deeply influenced from various different Sacred traditions from all over the Globe, including Amazonian, Taoist, African and Sufi traditions Antarma is also honoured to Share Shri Chakra Puja and Ganapathi Homams (Sacred Fire Ceremonies) for Universal Peace, and he Continues to deepen on this path with guidance of his Female Guru who is a senior Disciple of Amritananda Natha of Devipuram. His practice under the Guidance of his Teacher continues and the grace that comes through that is also shared through his music that touches many hearts.


Runa Begum

With 13 years in private practice as a therapist, healer and coach, Runa bridges ancient cross-cultural healing practices with the modern world. Runa’s therapeutic and healing gifts come from her expertise in western clinical methods, contemporary therapy practices and ancient healing systems, with her practices grounded in shamanic (Peruvian Q'ero lineage) and psycho-spiritual processes. She uses her unique combination of skills to work through limiting thought patterns and take people below the surface to uncover what holds them back, replacing thinking with transformative being.

Runa will be offering private one-to-one therapy sessions (Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Energy Healing, Shamanic Cleansing) for those that want to go deep into their healing process.

Benji Lubbock

Benji Lubbock

Benjamin has lived in Thailand to practice with the Buddhist monks of the northern forests, spending months at a time in the silent study of Vipassana meditation and the Pali texts. Since 2013, Benjamin has travelled to and from Mysore, India, to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with BNS Iyengar. Now aged ninety-three, BNS is one of the last-living students of T Krishnamacharya, the ‘Father of Modern Yoga’. Under the guidance of BNS Iyengar and the Buddhist monks, Benjamin has come to hone a practice of advanced Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Vipassana/Transcendental Meditation, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Hot Yoga with an awareness of the individuality of every human body, which he believes should be treated with compassion, rather than strain.



The programme has been carefully designed to allow you to deep dive into yourself physically and spiritually, whilst also bringing peace and tranquillity with space to rejuvenate and replenish yourself.

We recommend you participate in the full programme, however you are free to pick and choose aspects of the programme as you feel into your needs during the week. We encourage you to book one-to-one therapeutic healing sessions with our expert therapist Runa to optimise the benefits. These personal sessions are not included in the cost of the retreat.

In addition to the planned programme, dolphin watching by boat will be on offer at sunrise – a powerful experience to witness.

The cost of the retreat includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation in a stunning private beach resort
  • Daily vinyasa flow & ashtanga yoga classes
  • Restorative yin yoga & yoga nidra classes
  • Guided meditation
  • Sound healing
  • Live mantra and kirtan
  • Live music celebration and drumming
  • High vibe Indian vegetarian lunch and dinner (Vegan and Gluten free available)
  • Fresh fruit, tea and coffee

Sunrise Meditation with Antarma

6:30 am

Ashtanga Yoga with Benji

7:30 am

Fresh Fruit and Tea served

9:30 am

Guided Yoga Nidra with Antarma

10 am

Time for rest or one-on-one
healing with Runa

11 am - 12 pm


12 pm

Free time or one-on-one healing with Runa
Fresh fruit and tea to be served at your leisure

1 pm - 4 pm

Kirtan, Chanting, Mantra, Drumming
Circle with Antarma

4 pm

Sunset Meditation with Antarma

6 pm

Delicious vegetarian dinner

7 pm



Yoga Nidra, known as yogic sleep is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.

This class is a guided full body relaxation and sound bath of sacred mantra, heart opening guitar and voice, cleansing, nourishing sounds of nature and universal peace invocations.

Aside from being relaxing, restorative and restful, studies have shown that yoga nidra can also:

  • Ease insomnia
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Alleviate stress
  • Reduce PTSD, chronic pain and chemical dependency
  • Heighten awareness and focus
  • Transform negative habits, behaviours and ways of thinking
  • Foster feelings of peace, calm, and clarity

People have reported feeling emotional release, light and relaxed after these restful sessions with Antarma.

Ashtanga is a systematic style of Yoga that guides practitioners through eight (Ash) limbs (Tanga) or stages. The limb that is most prolific is the third: Asana. These are the postures. In Ashtanga, the Asanas have been developed over centuries to best enhance and create equilibrium in the human body. Practice of Asana starts at surface level: with the skin, the muscles—creating strength as well as elasticity.

Working deeper, asana affects the internal organs, the bones, the cardiovascular system, and the nervous system. By using the physical body, the 8 limbs take the student on a journey into the body and beyond it, into the mind and deeper still until arriving at the eighth limb: Samadhi.

Food & Accommodation


The retreat will cater for all our dietary needs, providing you with two hearty organic Indian thali meals a day, lunch and dinner,  which is prepared in traditional Ayurvedic style by our very own chefs.

Fresh local fruit will be hand prepared and served to you twice a day and unlimited home made herbal teas and coffee as and when you choose. Water will be provided along with fresh juices to order.

Our double beach-front cottages are set amidst coconut palm trees on a semi-private beach overlooking the Arabian Sea. Cottages are constructed of local wood, have an en-suite washroom with western-style toilet, and come with fan, electric socket, towels and comfortable spring mattresses.

Cottages are cleaned everyday and hot water is available. Complimentary wireless internet available for guests, as well as a fast computer with Skype, MS Office etc. available on hire.

Location & Travel

The nearest airport to Little Cove Yoga retreat is Dabolin, which is 24 minutes away by taxi. We will be happy to arrange a taxi with Govinder who will pick you up at prearranged anytime. Please let us know if you would like to arrange a taxi to bring you to the resort for approximately 800 rupees.

If you are travelling from the UK, there are no direct flights, you must stop in Mumbai. For many, a day or two in the colourful bustling Mumbai can be an eye opener and one highly recommended before and you could make part of your trip. Alternatively there are flights with two hours to 9 hours stop overs from Mumbai.

Prices & Booking


£850 Early Bird Discount

Payment to be received by 20th January 2020

£960 Standard Price

Payment to be received by 1 March 2020


Payment plans are available, please contact us to find out more.

Not Included in the price:

  • Travel costs to and from the resort
  • Additional activities and excursions
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • One-to-one sessions – Energy Healing, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Shamanic cleansing, Coaching and Mentoring with the incredible Runa Begum

Limited spaces available. Please get in touch for more information or to make a booking.